Welcome to FussNord

FussNord is a global player in International Funeral Assistance. We help your funeral home with the transport of  urn and a coffin abroad.

Our services are aimed at funeral homes, insurance companies, cemetery administrations, national and international organizations as well as all other professionals in the funeral industry.

We handle the entire process:

  • Road and air transport to desired address
  • Contact and visit to embassy / consulate.
  • Legalization of documents at Notary Public
  • Translation of documents.
  • Order of certificates from the Swedish Tax Agency.
  • Contact with hospital, doctor, police and forensic medicine

Road and air transport

  • Simple - personal service, clear message and active feedback.
  • Fast - the fastest way to send an urn or coffin internationally.
  • Flexible - we tailor solutions according to your wishes.
  • Security - comprehensive.

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Need to send an urn or a coffin internationally.

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